What is your current turnaround time?

Our shop is ready to ship, at a 3 - 5 business day turnaround unless otherwise stated (sometimes we have pre-orders!)
If you ever need something in time for an upcoming trip please make sure to include your trip date in the notes at checkout! I always try to accommodate trip dates within reason! 

Do you offer Custom and/or Personalized Orders?

Yes! We offer custom Straw Buddies monthly but they are limited! If the listing is not showing in our shop we are most likely sold out or at our cap for the month! 


What size Straw will the buddies fit?

Straw Buddies fit straws 8.5 mm in diameter. They were specifically designed to fit Starbucks reusable straws and be slightly lose on the straw to accommodate curved straws! Straws are not included with our buddies but we do offer a Reusable Straw add on option in a separate listing!


What does Floating mean for the Reusable Straws?

Floating means the straw will include a small elastic on it that allows the straw buddy to sit on the straw without sliding all the way down! Without the elastic, the straw buddy will need a lid or rim to sit on to prevent it from sliding into your drink! 

They are slightly larger then the straw to accommodate the curved reusable straws found at many other stores :)


How do the Interchangeable Straw Buddies work?

They are super easy to use and the add ons twist right into the base! They have also been tested for maximum durability so please contact us if you have any problems! 

How do I clean my Straw Buddies?

You should hand wash your straw buddy with cold water and soap. Do not use hot water or leave them sitting in water for an extended period of time!
Straws are all dishwasher safe!


What is your Refund Policy?

We do not offer refunds, accept returns or exchanges! Please double check your selections and information before checking out to ensure your order is correct. If there is ever a problem with what you receive/a mistake I have made in sending your order you should absolutely reach out to me so I can correct it!