Rock the Dots Bow Add-On

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Rock the Dots Bow Add-On

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This listing is for the ADD-ON ONLY (bases sold separately)

Our Rock the Dots Bows come in a variety of colors so your drink can be as magical as you are! These bows are single color of your choice with white polka dots (if you are looking for bows without polka dots check out our Classic Bow Add-On listing!)

Our Interchangeable Add-Ons work perfectly with any Interchangeable Base we offer! Simply turn the add on 45° to the left so the rod aligns horizontally with the opening on the base, push it into the base, and twist right 45°! Check out our video in the FAQ section to see just how easy it is to use!

(Pictured with a White Base)

*certain colors denoted with *LAST CHANCE are being retired so they won't be brought back after they sell out!